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buy custom The American Public University System essay

buy custom The American Public University System essay The American public university system is an online institution that offers a number of degrees to the greater American population. Based in Charles town, West Virginia, it is composed of the American military university and the American public university. It encompasses both the academic and the corporate affairs in its efforts to provide quality education. It is owned by the American public education incorporated and is publicly traded on the New York stock exchange. It was founded in 1991 and began it operations in January 1993 as the military university with the main purpose of meeting the necessary educational requirements for military persons needing specified courses and training. As the American military university with an enrolment of 18 graduate students when doors opened, learning was conducted by correspondence but this was changed and it began to offer online learning to its students in 1998. The university developed over time and in the year 2002, grew to become the Amer ican public university and established the American public university a move that was aimed at providing education to civilians in various courses especially to those who could not afford to leave their jobs and put themselves through school (Bonk, 2001). Currently the school plays host close to eighty thousand students undertaking various courses within it. However, as far as prestige goes the university is not considered as being in the top of the academic league. Although this is the case, the university enjoys regional accreditation which is basically the highest form of accreditation as does the likes of Harvard, Yale, and so forth. Any degree from this university is guaranteed to get you a job or a promotion in your given field of choice. However, should you choose to take a teaching position in any of the countrys colleges or universities, this may pose a challenge. The school offers very exciting courses that may prove fitting for various career paths. Such include arts, business, education, management, counter terrorism, military intelligence, and so on.Like many other online universities, there are challenges and positive feedback all in one package. Studying using the America public university system gives you a flexible schedule that works to your advantage. Enrolling for an online degree works around your schedule in a way that allows you to keep working at your job and even spend time with your family for those who cannot take the time off. It is also relatively cheaper than a regular course. This is because you do not have to pay for such amenities such as commuter fees, texts books since most can be accessed online. Since you study from the comfort of your home you are able to do a myriad of things. This type of learning works around your schedule and you may change it to your satisfaction. You may slow it down or have it at a much faster pace as per your understanding. This is not something that can be done in a normal class setting were the teacher decides the pace at which the lessons move. Normally online courses are accelerated and therefore this means that you spent less time completing your studies than you would at a regular university setting. It is also possible to revisit previous lessons and take notes on points you may have not understood. Enrolling at the online university means that you can take your class with you if you happen to be out of town and not in your house since all you need is a good computer and internet connection. This means that it is almost impossible for you to miss classes since their flexibility allows for you to have your lessons practically anywhere in the world. Due to the diverse nature of students at the American public university and the American military university through the American public university system are able to interact among themselves and forge relationships that enrich their education experience as they are able to learn from one another different cultures. The introduction of online learning system as opposed to the more conventional correspondence means that now it is easier for students to be in constant communication with their teachers and lecturers. Communication is primarily through the use of email. In a normal face to face kind of class, the teacher may not have time to speak to all the students, but with the online learning, you have the undivided attention of the lecturer for the duration of the class. As opposed to the correspondence, the email provides for real time communication which therefore means faster response and communication. Perhaps another attractive feature of the American public university system is the fact that financial aid is given to students. This factor is made possible by the fact that the university is accredited by the commission of higher learning for the North Central association of colleges and schools. This is one of the six regional accreditors. Financial aid offered goes a long way in ensuring that the common citizen has access to education and a chance at bettering themselves and their futures. Another great aspect about the university is that you are not constrained by geographical barriers (Shakar and Neumann, 2003). Online education means that you can take the lesson form a different state and not necessarily where the university is situated. For example you can take a course form the academic location of the American public university which is based in Charles town awhile you reside in California. The type of learning offered also means that you can continue to work as you pursue your education. In this regard, you are able to put your course work into practical use. This gives you a better opportunity at obtaining a promotion at work since you are now able to incorporate new thinking into your job area. It also means that you can interact with fellow students about what pointers work and which needed more work. This puts you ahead of students at a regular university setting who have to wait until the completion of a school semester to find a job opportunity to put their course work in to use. This learning is also adequate for those people who are not comfortable around crowds of people. Online learning at the university is done at your own comfort and privacy to your satisfaction. There are those who express themselves easier through writing rather than vocally, this is ideal for them. It also discourages more outgoing students from dominating the class. It gives equal opportunity to all. Unlike regular class setting where lessons are essentially led by the lecturer, here it is based on the participation of the students. Therefore this gives an opportunity for students to make their contributions and not feel intimidated by either the lecturer. Another underlying factor is that your scores are based on merits alone. It is less likely to be discriminated upon for your color or ethnic affiliation. Everyone is as equal as the next person. The constant use of the internet and other computer based software allows you to be more accustomed to new technology and gives you the chance to acquaint yourself with the changing times. It also improves your work and gives you more confidence around your work place. Constant use of the internet for research and so forth means that you have a better opportunity at being informed to those that are not as exposed. It gives you the opportunity to learn how to maneuver various operating systems that you may also find at your work place. This will go a long way in earning you an edge over the rest of your colleagues. The university offers an opportunity for those who live in rural setting a vast array of information which they may not have been able to experience on their own due to a number of challenges. The university system is also very adequate for those wishing to supplement their current courses. You are able to gain more exposure in a shorter period of time. With so many positive attributes there also has to be challenges that accompany such a learning system. There have been a number of challenges surrounding the American public university system. As a for profit institution, many have been quick to discredit the merits with which students are made to pass their examinations. For most people they say that the students papers for assignments and examinations are not properly read or assessed. A report by the Government Accountability Office (de Vise, 2010) had it that seven out of 12 for profit universities violated various policies such as cheating, standards set for grading, and offering counselling for financial aid for the students. Many employers have said that these for profit universities are proving inept at preparing their students for the job market. A survey conducted at the American military university showed service men that were enrolled and were using the American public university system had many challenges to overcome before they could complete their given courses. The military is an outfit that revolves around rules and regulations that are followed to the letter. About 50% had difficulties working around and within their military obligations. With so much to be done within a very short period of time, it was difficult for many to give their undivided attention to their studies. For about 35% they had constant interruptions of internet access and due to financial constraints some could not afford the more costly services and so had to seek alternative methods to access and keep up with their lessons. The other almost 32% did not have any access to internet services. Some due the constant relocations at times to remote places, finances, and many other factors that contributed to lack of internet access. For others, they complained that due to various securities on the internet, at times information was not easily accessible and so this greatly ffected their learning process. Such needs need be addressed in order to ensure that they realize their various goals as they strive to protect our country (Torres, 2011). Among many challenges that affect students who undertake online learning at the American public system are the sameinterruptions of internet connection and in return your lessons. At times you may find that your service provider is having maintenance problems and so you cannot access your lessons. This becomes a problem to you and a taxing job of finding alternative means to secure a reliable provider or getting it fixed and you end up losing on the days lessons. Such occurrences are common and the students suffer as a result. For one to be able to smoothly complete an online course, you need an above average knowledge of the computer and many of its workings. Your skills need be up to date since it involves a lot of software and internet usage. For a person who is not skilled enough to keep up with the workings of a computer, an online course can be a hectic struggle. They may be better of enrolling at a regular institution. Since online learning revolves around an individuals sched ule, procrastination is a factor that many students face. Students are required to be highly motivated since this is the only way they will be able to swiftly complete their lessons. Other challenges include the loads of work that is given to the student. For many they have to juggle between jobs and school and even at times family. Sometimes they may not have adequate time to go through many of the assigned work load and may result in alternative measures just to complete the work. Some are also barely able to keep up with the work loads. In other circumstances, the students may not be able to understand the documentation and the time allocated for the lessons may not be enough to communicate in length for them to understand exactly what is required of them in their lessons. Another challenge that faces students I the fact that lectures use the cottage industry approach. This is where they apply the same modes of teaching for regular learning and use this for online learning. They need to understand that this cannot be the case since this is a different class of students that they are engaging. In as much as internet connection poses a threat to students, there is also the threat of technical failure. While your machine may be workin g, the server that enables for the lessons can crush and this leads to loss of lessons. There may be an overload on the number of users at a particular time and this will make service slow down and inhibit the smooth flow of lessons. While the university may offer exciting courses, some of them require field work and practical sessions that some of the students may not be able to tend. Thus knowing the theoretical part of a concept may not help you a lot since you cannot be of any help out on the field. For such reasons it becomes imperative for the student to be aware of the course work and arrange on how to find a suitable lab and so on should there be any allocation for a practical session. There comes into play the challenge of time. You need to be aware the time zones that your classes are in so that you can effectively adjust your schedule and ensure you are in line with the program. While financial aid can be a plus and an attractive incentive, it may in itself cause some problems as has been the case for some students. They end up paying than they thought was th e case. Many bloggers have termed the university as a scam that provides quantity education and is after profits without a thought about the kind of harm they are causing unsuspecting enrolees (Parry, 2010). A number of solutions can be offered to the challenges that face the students who are undertaking online courses. It has been certified that online learning needs so level of self-motivation. Students need to be aware that will not be like ordinary learning and that it will require some sacrificing on their part in order for them to ensure they get the kind of education that is helpful in their quest for better jobs and pay. It needs to be put forward that online learning needs an independent student. This is the type of student that does not require constant pushing and reminder to get work done. These kinds of students are a bit sharper and so a little guidance is usually what they need. For dependent students this may not be ideal since they may require face to face time with the lecturer in order to understand. There are those that need to physically see the teacher for them to be fully engaged in the class. The teacher must create an environment where the students feel comfortab le especially since there is the lack of physical space. The instructor must ensure that there is an atmosphere in which lessons can be learnt without any hitches. Failure to this, there will be tension during the lessons and this is of course not a conducive environment for learning. The instructor needs to ensure that the students interact freely with each other and have equal participation from all the students. This gives the students a sense of belong and allows for easy flow during discussions. The lecturers need to understand that the lack of a physical presence will always be limiting factor to all online programs and so need to do everything in their power to ensure that they make the most out of the situation. The challenge that is faced by lack of internet access in parts of rural and semi urban parts of urban America is an issue that the Apus need to look into. For many people in these parts they are forced to spend a lot of money to enrol in regular schools when they could do so at the comfort of their homes. The university ad ministration should make efforts to have Research carried out in this parts where education can be accessed and go a long way in eliminating poverty and ignorance. Parts of the country that do not have adequate internet connection need to be addressed since the more people that do not access means loss of consumers for them, this being from an administrative point of view.. The university needs to expand its accessibility to educate Americans. At such a time where jobs are not in plenty, the university needs to have affordable programs that allow for interested parties to enroll and learn a thing or two to aid in their job search. This may also aid parents who may not be able to afford high costs that are associated with regular schools and have their children who are attending college take up online learning and thereby minimizing costs on both ends.As affordable as online learning is, it may prove expensive for those that do not have the necessary skills to effectively maneuver around an online class (Salmon, 2000). For this reason, the university as part of implementing its equity stand should have an entrance exam to certify how well versed the potential student isto take part in an online lesson. Such a case will ensure that before the student takes the mode of learning they are qualified both in academic and computer skills. The university needs advocate for user friendly programs and maybe even suggest to its users to use similar programs. This will make the instructors job easier to be able to guide a student where they are stuck. A case where a student uses a different program that maybe the instructor is not familiar may end up with confusion within the class and loss of lesson time. The University also need be certain that the servers they use to facilitate lessons are in top shape. Where repairs are to be undertaken, they need to ensure that they give adequate notice to the students. This is so that students do not feel wasted where there was an opportunity for them to make alternative arrangements. The university also need ensure that the facilitators they bring in are well versed in the technicalities of a virtual classroom. The success of this university has largely been due to the fact that they are catering to a vast market in which the demand exceeds the supply. But this can be compromised if the profits take center stage as opposed to fulfilling the need for education to those not able to access it through conventional means. The facilitators need to be skilled to handle an online class. They need to understand that this is not a regular class and need to employ the intricacies that aid in making the experience as accomplishing as possible. As the university has moved from the correspondence days to the email era, they also must ensure that they keep up with the dynamic world of virtual gadgets. They may want to incorporate the use of video conferencing or Skype where this makes up for the lack of physical space (Salmon, 2002). An instance where the students are able to see the facilitator may improve the participation and success. However there are a number of factors that come of such a move both positive and negative, this should be addressed at length and weighed before approval. The university needs also to be able to have an administration that is pro change and not reluctant to make necessary changes to the system of education. Educators who do not seem to be in tune with the dynamic changes in the world of computersdo not have a place in the computer world. There is the challenge of dropouts from the online degree courses. As a facilitator, you need to be able to know which of you students has not been attending classes. The most common causes of these are the lack of socialization among the class members. In such a case, you need to encourage group participation and you may slowly draw the said student out of their shell. Since online learning lacks the brick and mortar theory of learning the facil itator need to ensure that the students interact amongst each other as they strive to create a conducive learning environment. Another way to overcome challenges posed by online learnning is through the use of technology. In this case you can have presentation in the form of graphs, pie charts and so forth. This engages your students to provide their feedback on an individual level (American Federation of Teachers, 2001). The point is to make the discussions as lively as possible so that the tension between the students is broken down. Interaction for humans is veryimportant. We cannot live by ourselves. He facilitator should strive to ensure that the students do engage each other on an intellectual level and learn from each other since online learning brings together diverse culture of people we can learn from each others experiences. This goes a long way in breaking social barriers that may have come up due to one reason or another. As an instructor you need to be quick about how you handle your work, in this regard, ensure you give feedback in good time and where not possible give reasons as to why this is so. Online learning is all about student participation, when this fails then the class will not proceed forward as it should. As a facilitator create an environment where your students are at ease withone another and at the same time the respect the other persons thinking and point of view, help out where possible. The lack of access to material becomes a drawbackto many students. Due to various forms of security around information found on the internet, it becomes difficult for students to access information. This is a major setback to them especially since they are not in a position to but books. Such a situation calls for the facilitator to look for alternative means of information sites which does delay times pent for lessons. There have been suggestions being floated around for online facilitators to author their own books for use by the students. Though any outcome is yet to come of it, the university could see to it that it goes into partnership with those who are in charge of distribution of books and have a deal where students can access the books for given amount or for whatever deal is agreed upon. Since many of the lessons offered are in the English language, to some this may not be their first language. And hence they may fail to understand the course work due to this. It can be suggested that the university either offers an English class for thos e who are not fluent with the language. At times, the students cannot understand the documentation of the course and so does not know what to expect as faras other lessons go. It is recommended that the facilitator takes the time to carefully explain the contents of the lessons ahead including the examinations and all other relevant to the course. This will enable the student to have to have time to pose questions and prepared for the lessons ahead through planning around their schedule. The most difficult task of all is the implementation stage. It is said that actions are louder than words. As an online university, it must walk the talk. Since they claim to advocate for quality education this should be reflected in their studentsscore cards although traditional learning will always be preferred to online learning, there has not been a significant gap when the scores are tallied. The university is regionally accredited and so should strive to gain special accreditation for its various programs especially business. The university should also put into consideration the military personnel enrolled with the online system of learning, these are people who work to protect our borders and guard our nation. For this reason, they should revise the methods of learning that allow for maximum period of learning when they are able to. They should have the obligations revised so as to suit the needs of the students in a way that they are able to complete their educationaland be of help to their fellow soldiers. Due to the dropout situation the university has a tsk of ensuring thatthey can retain the focus of the students. This can be done in a number of ways. They have inplace some counseling sessions in the same way they learn, and here they may be able to share their problems. It may not be comfortable doing it at first but through a facilitator can ease the situation along. When a student sees that a person in the group is concerned about them, they may feel appreciated and be nudged enough o for a social bond with the rest to the group. Such a situation builds bonds with members of the class rather than remain strangers. Still in the same line of thought, this is why smaller classes are r ecommended since the facilitator is able to focus maximum attention on the students as opposed to regular classes where they hardly know but a handful of students (Vise, 2010). To ascertain the continuous success of the university, there has to be involvement of the staff. They are major service providers and dedicate much of their time to the educative welfare of the students. By involving them in the matters of the university, they feel appreciated rather than as mere means for the growth of the institution. They are best placed to give advice on the direction the students should head since they are the ones who interact with them on a daily basis. As the university strives to maintain quality, it is also a business venture so it should look into making both the taxpayer and the student satisfied with the services. You need to carefully assess each course and see which has the most gains versus those that seem not to be as popular among the students. Again here you may need the assistance of the facilitators who can provide insight on how to go about this. As the university strives to attain its goal of offering quality education, it should also remember that these students belong to a real world with people with emotions, wants ad, needs. They will need life skills and interpersonal communication techniques. The university admin is mandated to do so in order to produce a well-rounded student who is able to efficiently able to conduct themselves in a given setting. The facilitator as part of their lesson can give incidences that we face on a day to day basis and ask members of the class to give their views. Such sort of interaction will bring up the various personalities of the students and engage them on a personal level. As a way of implementing transparency within the university, they recently put up a website that is intended to answer any queries that potential students and other concerned parties may have. It contains such information as how credits are given and distributed to students for them to end up with the marks they are awarded and so forth. This is meant to quell any rumors that surrounds the university and the fact that it is a for profit organization. A major boost to the implementation process in institutions of higher learning was brought about by the creation of the seven principles of good practice (Chickering, 1996). It provided that in the changing world, if we are to embrace the ultimate force that is new technology we must do it in ways that complement these seven principles. The first advocates for good practice which in turn encourages contact between staff and students. Technology has enabled for the staff members to be within the reach of the students. Association with a member of the staff gives the student a sense of fulfillment and have and avenue for joint problem solving and intellectual talk. It is usually sometimes better and easier to have words written down rather than spoken. This is appropriate for shy students to have an opportunity to give their contribution. Good practice develops in better concentration and cooperation among students. In this regard learning is made more engaging when it is a team effort than when it is done by one person. The use of the email in the online classes allows for constant communication without the use of physical space. Good practice uses active techniques of learning.Students have diverse needs. It needs to encompass a variety of other techniques of learning otherthan sitting in a regular or virtual class setting. We need to engage in other things as we learn from different experiences. The university for example could encourage the students to apply whatever knowledge they take for their lessons to their places of work and see how compatible they are. They are able to develop insight into what works and what does not. Good practice results in efficient feedback. When coming into the virtual class we already have a sense of prior knowledge, each on their given levels (Allen and Seaman, 2005). However, when in the class setting we are faced with tasks of putting our knowledge into use. In the regard, we want to receive feedback concerning the level of understandingwe show. By being interactive, the facilitator is able to gauge our level of understanding. Good practice lays emphasis on time. We are able to accurately plan our time properly and effectively. As such we can get the most out of our days due to the effective time management skills we learn and complete our tasks in good time. Good practices communicate high expectations. This does not happen to those who are ill prepared. You need the motivation to be able to attend you lessons. The more motivated you are. The satisfaction you get after doing a good job becomes yourself drive to achieve even higher performances. Good practice will respect diverse talents and modes of studying. Students will come from all walks of life and have variouscapacities going on for them. We learn how to accommodate each other for a common goal. We form learning communities where the main focus is academic excellence. With such a foundation, the university can be a model of excellence to other universities striving to breach the gap and engage in the system that is online learning.As online learning itself becomes increasingly accepted as a legitimate learning format, the question of its advantages and disadvantages, pros or cons may also become moot. Buy custom The American Public University System essay

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Saudi EFL Learners Awareness of World Englishes-(Second Language Essay

Saudi EFL Learners Awareness of World Englishes-(Second Language Varieties) - Essay Example The primary means by which these flows and networks are established and maintained is through the use of a common contact language. English, the most widely diffused contact language, is the primary linguistic channel through which these flows take place†¦ English is thus a globalized phenomenon that is continuously being LOCALIZED during its countless interactions. The fact that globalization is a very fast process prescribes that children need to be proficient in the English language to be competent in their international dealings (Doman, 2005). Due to the wide proliferation of learning English language, various cultures have adopted the language and integrated their own cultural flavor in it. World Englishes are forms of the English language that non-native English speakers use with native English being American and /or British English. Members of a certain culture use English to suit their own communication styles. Considering the variety of cultures in the world, there are now more non-native English-speakers than native speakers (Jenkins, 2006; Canagarajah, 2007). This includes Saudi Arabian nationals. 1.2 Aims and Objectives 1.3 The Field of World Englishes 'New Englishes' or 'World Englishes' is usually used to refer to the new varieties of English. Mesthrie and Bhatt (2008) state that "it has become customary to use the plural form 'Englishes' to stress the diversity to be found in the language today, and to stress that English no longer has one single base of authority, prestige and normativity." The authors clarify that World Englishes "represents all varieties except the L1 varieties of places like the UK and USA" (Mesthrie and Bhatt, 2008). Accrdoging to Hoffmann and Siebers (2009), "what is often referred to as "the" English language is in fact a heterogeneous and linguistically fascinating group of first (L1), second (L2) and foreign language varieties. A more appropriate cover term is thus World Englishes, which highlights the diversity and world-wide distribution of these varieties" (Hoffmann and Siebers (2009). Salikoko S. Mufwene refers to the notion of ecology, which is the concept borrowed from biology to provide a clear insight into the formation of New Englishes. Focussing on the indigenization of English in North America, Mufwene claims that American English emerged as a variety distinct from British English dialects due to an interaction of several ecological factors (fauna, flora, and socio-economic structures as well as the speaking habits and communicative needs of some of its speakers). Hoffmann and Siebers (2009). Therefore; the specific vernacular of English that arose in Northern America is a result of the universal ecological mechanisms of language contact. Mesthrie and Bhatt emphasise that sociolinguists need to acknowledge that community attitudes and expectations are important. Kachru himself acknowledged that there are many ambiguities, where language attitudes are concerned: The non-native speake rs themselves have not been able to accept what may be termed the 'ecological validity' of their nativised or local Englishes. One would have expected such acceptance, given the acculturation and linguistic nativisation of the new varieties. On the other hand, the non-native models of English (such

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EA Framework Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

EA Framework Paper - Essay Example These needs depend on the complexity of the organizations operations and the amount of data traffic that they experience. The frameworks have different components, which make up their basic operations. These components include, the views, the methods and the training involved. The two most common frameworks employed are, The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) and the Zachman Institute for Framework Architecture (ZIFA). In this paper, the discussion will focus on TOGAF. The Open Group Architecture Framework The TOGAF is a framework that is commonly used in organizations that are developing the enterprise architecture for their internal use. This framework provides an approach to planning, designing and implementation of the enterprise architecture that is very holistic. The TOGAF is a trademark registered by the Open Group in the United States of America and in other countries of the world as well (Bernard, 2005). Its basic structure is based on the notions of modularization an d standardization. The methodologies and technologies used in its design are ones that have been existing and been duly tested and proven. The framework is comprised of three main components that make up its structure. The first one is the Architecture Development Method. This component is used to determine the type of enterprise architecture that will be implemented in the organization. It derives this based on the operations of that organization. The second component is the TOGAF Enterprise Continuum. This component illustrates how the different architecture is developed from their foundation and through all the different models according to their functions. The third component is the TOGAF resource base; this provides the tools necessary for the application of TOGAF. The resource base provides the techniques based on the requirements of the business or on the type of the business (Ross, 2006). The Architecture Development Method forms the core of TOGAF and it has been specificall y designed to tackle the organizations business needs and information systems needs, as well. The TOGAF, as all other frameworks has its strengths and weaknesses. Its strengths appeal to the users and make it a better choice compared to the others. It has weaknesses in other areas but with the continuing development, these weaknesses are looking to be eliminated or reduced to a minimum. One of the strengths of TOGAF is that it performs the process of designing the systems in blocks. This is easy because, when development takes place in block or modules it makes it easier to manage errors, because it is easy to locate them. The development of these blocks can also take place simultaneously, making it time efficient. Development using modules also improves re usability because; common modules can be reused in familiar systems. The framework also provides information on how these blocks interact and fit together. This makes it easier for all the entities involved to understand the syst em, and how it works. Another strength is that, the TOGAF develops a common vocabulary that is used in all that stages of development of the framework (Ross, 2006). The use of a common vocabulary makes the process of designing easier for all the parties involved and it improves communication. The framework al

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Ten Paintings of Romanticism Essay Example for Free

Ten Paintings of Romanticism Essay Romanticism has flourished in the years 1800’s to 1900’s. Romanticism in the arts particularly in the visual arts is characterized by a revolt against rationalism and classicism movement. The usual approach of the artist in their artwork is about imagination and subjectivity. Intense emotion and elusiveness is attributed to romanticism. Also, paintings in the romantic era are linked with mystical portrayal, symbolism, natured, and politics. For the purpose of giving a detailed description of paintings in the Romantic period of the arts, ten painting will be analyze and describe having qualities that are reflective of Romanticism. Napoleon on his throan, by Ingres is a painting in the romantic era because of the emphasis on the individual as Napoleon is the only human character in the painting. The painting suggests the political power of Napoleon as romantic artists are often politically and socially involved like Ingres. The throne is the symbol of Napoleon’s power as romanticism is very acquainted with symbolism. Jupiter and thetis, by Ingres is mythical as the characters were characters of the Greek mythology. The painting insinuates that a great multitude of imagination is used by the artist to depict such painting where as imagination is central among the artist of the romantic period. The frontal borderline of the painting is the same as the painting entitled â€Å"Napoleon on his throne†. Emotion is also evident in the painting, evident in Jupiter and Thetis is an intense emotion due to unique colors and contours. Napoleon crossing the Alps by Jacques Louis David is a painting that discusses a political matter. The painting has also displayed kinship with nature as one of the focused aspects of romanticism. The facial expression of Napoleon is indefinable as one of the characteristics of Romantic art is elusive images. The burial of the Sardine, by Goya is a painting which is full of symbolisms. The painting expresses a powerful sense of irony and sarcasm as the painting depicts the picture of mass hysteria which is again related to political issues as one of the aspect of romanticism period. The expression in the faces of the characters in the painting are displayed in a exact manner showing the uncanny joyfulness of the characters in the painting which is again a characteristic of romanticism in art which displays mystical images. Battle with clubs, by Goya contains images which is a symbol of the struggle between the monarchists and the liberals of the North Spain. It also tackles the political issue at that time as it portrays the civil war in Spain. The painting shows the intensity of the fight as the feet of the two men fighting with clubs are already buried in the ground but the fight still continues. Satan devouring one of his sons, by Goya is popularly called Saturn. It is an improvisation of Goya on one of the characters of mythology which is central in romanticism. It also tackles the morality of the act of Saturn which is connected to social reality. The gloomy and sinister image of the painting is an intense display of Saturn’s malevolence, the exhibition of intensity is again a part of romantic art. Elohim creating Adam is an artwork of Blake which refers to a mythical narrative which is a typical of a romantic art work. The tone and the color of the painting are also reflective of the romanticism movement in art. The images in the painting also evoke a great feeling of intensity. For Marat is a painting which depicts the political inclinations of Jacques- Louis David on politics which is insightful of the romantic era. It is also shows the melancholy of a death of man struggling (which is Jacques-Louis friend which is assassinated by a lady) for passion. However, the expression of the assassinated face of Marat is elusive of emotions. The painting is reflective of the political stance of the artist as it depicts the social realities of that time. The strong display of emotions of the painting is a romantic characteristic as it showcases death caused by a passionate insistence of principles. Definitely, the painting is considered to be under the Romantic era. The painting has also been named as the Pieta of the revolution for it has awakened the minds and hearts to struggle. Satan arousing rebel angels, by Blake contains images which are reflective of the Romanticism movement. The subject of the painting is about the political stance of Blake regarding the Bible. The subject is also of great mystery and the painting is executed with a great level of subjectivity and imagination as characters from the bible are involved. The shadings and colors of the painting is exhibited to invoke a mystic and dramatic mood. Napoleon Latvia is a painting that discusses political circumstances. The painting is about Napoleon’s conquest of Russia. The painting displays an emotion of great power as the colors are striking and intense and also a distinguishing mark of the romantic era. The approach is also subjective and highly imaginative. The painting has successfully portrayed the event and the temper that transpired during Napoleons conquest. Napoleon (sick people of) Jafa by Antoine Jean Gros, is a painting that portrays societal concerns. The colors represent a great inducement of a melodramatic style of shading. The approach used in the painting is also very imaginative. The painting fall under the romanticism era because it greatly depicts the issues of the society as it shows the visit of Napoleon to the sick people of Jaffa which are victims of the plague. References: 1. Honour, H. (1979). Romanticism. New York: Harper Row.

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Essay on Picture of Dorian Gray: Dorian as Tragic Hero -- The Picture

The Picture of Dorian Gray:   Dorian as Tragic Hero      Ã‚   In "The Picture of Dorian Gray" by Oscar Wilde, we see a beautiful young man who makes tremendous efforts to transform the actual world into the idealistic world of art, dreams and sensations.   Dorian's quest, however, culminates in his ultimate tragic destruction. Given that Dorian lives a corrupt life, one is likely to focus on the negative aspects of his character.   In spite of his significant character flaws, Dorian Gray may still be considered a hero.   This essay will examine Dorian's degradation from the innocent world to the vicious, sensation-oriented world.   The elements contributing to Dorian’s status of tragic hero will then be discussed.    At the beginning, the general mood looks like pure and innocent expressed by the descriptions as follows: "the rich odours of roses...the light summer wind...the heavy scent of lilac"(Wilde 5).   This opening scene precisely symbolizes the world in which Dorian is situated at present.   Just like the beautiful setting, Dorian is a "beautiful creature"(7) and the portrait Basil draws shows Dorian's "extraordinary personal beauty"(5).   In other words, Dorian is in front of the mysterious gate of life that has immense possibilities.   At this point, Dorian is ignorant about both the world of idealistic art and the world of mundane, earthly values.   Dorian merely possesses "all youth's passionate purity"(17).    With the fateful encounter with Lord Henry, Dorian is ushered into a world of idealistic art and beauty.   Lord Henry plays a key role in introducing a new world in which beauty, youth and sensations dominate.   First, Lord Henry employs a powerful strategy of developing Dorian's self-consciousness of his ow... ...t in order to â€Å"kill the past† and â€Å"monstrous soul-life†(192).    Works Cited Bloom, Harold. Oscar Wilde. New York: Chelsea House Publishers, 1985. Cohen, Ed.   Talk on the Wilde Side.   Great Britain: Routledge, 1993. Ellman, Richard. Oscar Wilde. New york: Alfred A. Knopf Inc., 1987. Eriksen, Donald. Oscar Wilde. Boston: Twayne Publishers, 1977. Freidman, Jonathan (edited).   Oscar Wilde: A Collection of Critical Essays.   New Jersey: Prentice-Hall, 1996. Hart-Davis, Rupert. The Letters of Oscar Wilde. New York: Harcourt, Brace and World, 1962. Juan, Efifanio. The Art of Oscar Wilde. New Jersey: Princetown University Press, 1991. Weintraub, Stanley (edited).   Literary Criticism of Oscar Wilde.   Nebraska: University of Nebraska Press, 1968. Wilde, Oscar. The Picture of Dorian Gray. New York: Random House, Inc., 1992.    Essay on Picture of Dorian Gray: Dorian as Tragic Hero -- The Picture The Picture of Dorian Gray:   Dorian as Tragic Hero      Ã‚   In "The Picture of Dorian Gray" by Oscar Wilde, we see a beautiful young man who makes tremendous efforts to transform the actual world into the idealistic world of art, dreams and sensations.   Dorian's quest, however, culminates in his ultimate tragic destruction. Given that Dorian lives a corrupt life, one is likely to focus on the negative aspects of his character.   In spite of his significant character flaws, Dorian Gray may still be considered a hero.   This essay will examine Dorian's degradation from the innocent world to the vicious, sensation-oriented world.   The elements contributing to Dorian’s status of tragic hero will then be discussed.    At the beginning, the general mood looks like pure and innocent expressed by the descriptions as follows: "the rich odours of roses...the light summer wind...the heavy scent of lilac"(Wilde 5).   This opening scene precisely symbolizes the world in which Dorian is situated at present.   Just like the beautiful setting, Dorian is a "beautiful creature"(7) and the portrait Basil draws shows Dorian's "extraordinary personal beauty"(5).   In other words, Dorian is in front of the mysterious gate of life that has immense possibilities.   At this point, Dorian is ignorant about both the world of idealistic art and the world of mundane, earthly values.   Dorian merely possesses "all youth's passionate purity"(17).    With the fateful encounter with Lord Henry, Dorian is ushered into a world of idealistic art and beauty.   Lord Henry plays a key role in introducing a new world in which beauty, youth and sensations dominate.   First, Lord Henry employs a powerful strategy of developing Dorian's self-consciousness of his ow... ...t in order to â€Å"kill the past† and â€Å"monstrous soul-life†(192).    Works Cited Bloom, Harold. Oscar Wilde. New York: Chelsea House Publishers, 1985. Cohen, Ed.   Talk on the Wilde Side.   Great Britain: Routledge, 1993. Ellman, Richard. Oscar Wilde. New york: Alfred A. Knopf Inc., 1987. Eriksen, Donald. Oscar Wilde. Boston: Twayne Publishers, 1977. Freidman, Jonathan (edited).   Oscar Wilde: A Collection of Critical Essays.   New Jersey: Prentice-Hall, 1996. Hart-Davis, Rupert. The Letters of Oscar Wilde. New York: Harcourt, Brace and World, 1962. Juan, Efifanio. The Art of Oscar Wilde. New Jersey: Princetown University Press, 1991. Weintraub, Stanley (edited).   Literary Criticism of Oscar Wilde.   Nebraska: University of Nebraska Press, 1968. Wilde, Oscar. The Picture of Dorian Gray. New York: Random House, Inc., 1992.   

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Hybrid Electric Vehicle and Biological Cotton Essay

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. Firstly, let’s ask ourselves a few questions. How is my life now? Am I used to the air pollution or the unhealthy food? Only if you feel a little unsatisfied with your life quality, you may benefit from my today’s topic: LOHAS. It is very popular in the west. Now, one of four Americans has joined it and one third of Europeans have done so. You may still feel confused but don’t worry. Today, I will tell you what LOHAS is and its main characters in human’s basic necessities of life. First, let’s see the definition of LOHAS. It is a lifestyle coming from the United States. It means living in a healthy and sustainable way. To be more specific, it represents caring about family’s health and ecological environment when doing shopping. Its concept is â€Å"healthy, happy, environmental, and sustainable†. Now that you know the definition of LOHAS, let’s look at its main features in clothing, food, housing and transportation. First, in the area of clothing, LOHAS encourages people to wear natural fabrics. I’ll take Biological Cotton as an example. When planting Biological Cotton without chemical fertilizer, it reduces 70% of water consumption and 50% of cost compared to common cotton. According to the above statistics, Biological Cotton consumes much less cost and environmental resources than other fabrics. You may think although it’s healthy, it may be old-fashioned. But the fact is not like that. Many fashion brands take use of Biological Cotton, like H&M and Levi’s. Second, in the area of eating, LOHAS encourages organic food. In the production of organic food, people don’t use chemical fertilizer or pesticides to guarantee the rich nutrition, good quality and high safety. In the UK, Prince Charles founded â€Å"Duchy Originals†, a brand of organic food. â€Å"Duchy Originals† covers a large range of food, for example meat, diary and chocolate. Third, in the area of housing, LOHAS encourages the way of low-energy consumption and recycling. According to REUTERS, there is an advanced water-cycling system in the President Bush’s farm. It divides the used residential water into two categories. One is showering water, considered as light polluted water. It will be purified together with rainfall. The other is water used in the kitchen and the toilet, regarded as heavy polluted water. It will be purified in a more complex way. Then all the purified water will be used to irrigate trees and flowers in the garden. Last, in the area of transportation, LOHAS encourages an environmental-friendly way. Try to take public transport as possible as you can. But if you want to buy a car in the future, you can consider buying an HEV. HEV is hybrid electric vehicle. It is driven by both electric power and petrol. It release less pollution and can always function well. As we have seen, LOHAS means the lifestyles of health and sustainability. It has its own unique features in people’s basic necessities of life. Since it’s beneficial to our body health and the whole environment, I hope more individuals will join it. Thank you.

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Apollo 11 A Great Trick - 2562 Words

For a considerable length of time, the Apollo 11 moon landing mission has been the subject of level headed discussions following the time when it happened. This paper is saying that the Apollo 11 did not really happen. Most importantly, what does Apollo 11 even mean? As indicated by NASA, The Apollo 11 is the first manned missions to the moon; the space travelers or the pilots were Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin (O’Connor, 2010). Neil Armstrong was popular for his quotable line: One small step for man, a giant leap for mankind As this paper proposes, it will tend to agree with the scholars who say that the Apollo 11 is a great trick. What might be the premise to say this is a mere deception? All things considered, the distinction of the Apollo 11 from alternate deceptions is this has turned into an overall marvel and it has as of now affected the masses, in a way that tells that the USA has turned into an effective nation regarding innovation. This agrees with the hypothesis t hat the Apollo 11 was simply dark publicity of the USA for the Russians. A dark purposeful publicity is a noteworthy arrangement of a specific gathering to restrict another. What made such a suspicion? It was in the season of the Cold War that the Apollo 11 dispatched. The Cold War may likewise be known as the Space Race, since it was the time for the superpowers, USA and Russia, to showcase their advancement in space technology. The Cold War was the time when Russia dispatched their first mannedShow MoreRelatedTrickster-God-Creator1433 Words   |  6 Pageseach Trickster varies from tradition to tradition, Tricksters have important roles in the creation, development, and sometimes destruction, of each culture. The Coyote of Native North American traditions is often depicted as assisting the â€Å"Great Mystery† or â€Å"Great Spirit† in the creating and populating of the world (Leeming). In the Greek myths Hermes is initially a sly infant who captures a tortoise with his untruths and fashions the first lyre from its shell, but eventually transitions to a placeRead MoreThemes Of Humanism And Ethnic Pride1704 Words   |  7 Pagesall manne r of tricks to hide his infidelity from his wives.†(21) Humanism is also expressed through the Gods physical appearance. Hamilton writes â€Å"The Greeks made their gods in their own image,†(10) which means that the Greeks made the gods look like them. Ethnic pride is the second key value expressed in this chapter. Sometime the Greeks see their cultural accomplishments as so excellent, that they assume that the gods must have many of the Greek qualities also. For example Apollo is often playingRead MoreApollo Moon Landings..Are They Real or a Myth?2099 Words   |  9 Pagesthey are hard. After he was assassinated, NASA decided to pursue his plan and in 1967 the Apollo program began. In 1969, NASA landed Apollo 11 on the moon and the race was finally over. This was a major leap not only for Americans, but also for mankind. Videos and photos that were taken on the moon were shown to the public and unfortunately, it caused skepticism. There are people who feel that A pollo 11 never really landed on the moon and that it was staged in a studio. Although these MoonRead MoreUse Of Power And Rationality On Strategic Decisions1910 Words   |  8 Pagesextent is strategy influenced by power and rationality and how does the strategic decision-making come into play when deciding about long run strategy-making. In the following, I will apply strategy models and theories to the scenarios of the film ‘Apollo 13’ (1995) in order to evaluate how the strategy-making is affected by strategic decisions and vice versa. Therefore, I will consider the influence of power and rationality on strategic decisions in relation to the resulting outcome. To start withRead MoreSynthetic Psychoactive Drugs Commonly Called Psychostimulants Or Central Nervous System Stimulants1373 Words   |  6 Pagescongestion due to the central nervous system stimulant and respiratory stimulant properties. This drug would later become a controlled substance due to the outbreak of abuse in the 1960s and 1970s. The amphetamine stimulants were used by American, Great Britain, German and Japanese troops during World War II to increase alertness and endurance of their soldiers, while also improving general mood. A handful of reports show the use of amphetamines by American soldiers during the Korean War, althoughRe ad MoreAndrew MarvellS Poem, ‘To His Coy Mistress’ (Hereafter1941 Words   |  8 Pages‘which’ ‘way’ and ‘our’ in the next two lines to make the reader sound wistful as if they are sighing ‘We would sit down, and think which way To walk, and pass our long love’s day’. To further woo and enchant his audience, alliteration is also used to great effect, in line 1 ‘we’ and ‘world’, in line 2 ‘coyness’ and ‘crime’, in Line 3 ‘we would’ and ‘which way’ and finally in line 4 ‘long love’s’. In the next 16 lines, it can be sensed the reader has upon his lips a slow smirk forming that coincidesRead MoreGender And Justice Throughout The Trilogy Of Orestia2017 Words   |  9 Pagesmanly characteristics throughout Agamemnon. The watchman describes Clytemnestra in his opening monologue and states, â€Å"I take my orders from a woman, my mistress who waits for news, oh she’s a woman all right, a woman with a man’s heart† (Agamemnon 9-11). The fact that she is the one giving him orders is the first male characteristic that she is given. Normally, men would be the ones to give orders and to take charge, but here Clytemnestra is in charge. Then he continues to describe how her heartRead MoreGreek Mythology Of Greek Gods2349 Words   |  10 PagesTartarus. 2. Poseidon; I’ve always wanted to control water so if I could control the seas, that’d be awesome. 3. One example is when Hera punishes the mortal women that Zeus would fall in love with. It is not always justified because sometimes Zeus would trick them into it, yet Hera punished them and not him. They believe that humans need consequences. 4. The fact that a human being can enter while alive and exit unscathed. 5. Peacock feather designs came from the eye of Argus, when Hera placed it into theRead MoreGreek Gods Vs. Greek Mythology2051 Words   |  9 Pagesas the Theogony, to emerge themselves into Greek culture. In the Theogony written by the Greek poet Hesiod, he goes into depth about the creation and the lineage of the Greek gods starting from the rule of the Titans, to the rule of Zeus. After a great deal of conflict between gods and titans, the Greek gods triumphed and took over the administration of power. To assert his position as the king of the gods, Zeus seduces a variety of goddesses and titan goddesses to utilize their strengths to permanentlyRead More A Comparison of Individual Responsibility in Oedipus Rex and A Dolls House4312 Words   |  18 Pagespresented as immature, as can be seen by her many child-like tendencies.   Her life can perhaps be best exemplified by the Christmas Tree she decorates - layers of glamour hiding a fragile interior.   Torvald refers to her as a squirrel that can perform tricks when bored; a skylark that can sing away a sour mood; and a nibbly cat made sufficiently happy by being offered candy.9   Noras behaviour is also very childlike.   She seems overjoyed after finding and eating a few macaroons in the apartment, but